TITAN: The Midnight Hour

titan-headTeenager, Michael Novak discovers a magical ring that grants him superpowers and turns him into the superhero TITAN! Once he accepts his new role he is plunged into a world of action, danger, and villainy that is more than he could ever have imagined. Now only TITAN can save his home of Delta City from the clutches of mysterious criminal kingpin Mr. Midnight.

Here are a few excerpts from Book 1: TITAN The Midnight Hour

book-1From the open seas cradling the edge of the city, through the dense green foliage of Campbell Park, across the smooth cold concrete business skyscrapers of downtown, to the high rise condos and trendy shops of midtown, and the massive homes and clean streets of the west end, the entire city seems at the mercy of the dark of night and the fear it brings with it. Yet, in the tougher, duller looking east end, amid its older bungalows and apartments, hope could be found. In what was once a friendly blue collar neighborhood but had since turned into a breeding ground for thugs and criminals, a hero lies in waiting.

You have just been transformed into Titan. The ring has sought you out above all others. You have been chosen among many to hold the power of Titan. You now have many special powers, and they need to be explained and shown to you, so you may understand how to use them. Now we must go somewhere private so I may teach you. I am Azure. I come as an envoy from the gods with these powers, to act as the chosen human’s guide. I am here to aid and assist the chosen human in understanding and using his newfound powers. I can never help. Even if I were to want to, I cannot. I am here only to teach and offer advice, and to guide the chosen Titan’s decisions. As well to make sure you fully grasp the vast powers you will be granted. You will only ever hear my voice. My body is elsewhere.

page3_img1Many centuries ago, the gods of old decided that the world needed a hero to come and protect the people from the evils that they faced. The old gods thought the best one to take on this responsibility would be a human. As a human would be able to best relate to and understand the troubles of this world, this was far better than sending one of their own. They could choose no ordinary human to challenge the evil forces that threatened the world at those times. So they forged a ring, the ring that found you earlier tonight, and put within it many powers of their own to aid the chosen human. The ring was charged to go and search out the most appropriate human host. The ring would then grant these powers to the chosen one. When controlling these powers that human would become the most powerful person in the world. They would become Titan. As Titan, each chosen one must act as protector and guardian of the regular law abiding citizens around them. There have been sixteen Titans chosen throughout history. As each Titan’s time would come to pass, a new Titan would be chosen to be a champion for its people. You are the seventeenth.

As the gods of old began to be forgotten in the new world, their old ways died with them. Their world has now passed on to other realms. Yet the powers thatpage2_img1 /> had been granted to the power ring remain. They have been held in limbo for many centuries. There has not been a chosen Titan for close to fifteen hundred years. The gods however did not entirely disappear, but rather took a backseat to the goings on of a world that had long forgotten them. Now however, new evils set about plaguing this world and a hero is needed. But only the bravest, noblest and truest of heart is capable or worthy of controlling the responsibility and the powers of Titan. The ring was to search out the most worthy person to carry this responsibility. That person, Michael Novak, is you. It was no coincidence that you came to be in possession of the power ring tonight. The ring was searching for you. Of everyone, you most represent what the ring stands for. You may decline the responsibility if you wish. If you accept, it will take very hard work and dedication.


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