TITAN 2: City Under Siege

titan-2-headTitan is back! Since defeating Mr. Midnight from taking Delta City, Titan has been busy battling new villains who threaten his city. This has left Michael with very little time for his personal life with his girlfriend, grandfather, friends, and high school. Suddenly, however, a new villain has arrived to threaten the security of Delta City that Titan has established, and this villain did not come alone. Dr. Melodian, the mad scientist, able to create anything mechanical, poses the biggest threat to the people of Delta City Titan has ever known.

Here are a few excerpts from Book 2: TITAN:2 City Under Siege

TITAN 2: City Under SiegeTitan stepped to the rooftop ledge. He glanced back and saw Carly and Perminder now standing and staring at him. He almost hated to leave them, but he knew the fate of the city could likely be resting in his hands. He got his bearings and then leaped forward. When he saw the city spread out below him he knew he had to land as quickly as he could.

He landed on top of a ten storey apartment building at the edge of the east side. He gazed out over the city and took in what he saw. There were two military helicopters hovering over the city; one over the downtown area and the other over the harbour. He was also barely able to make out all of the barricades across many roads throughout the city. According to the news, Police were attempting to control access of civilians through the city.

Why have we landed? Are we not going to see the reporter?

“There are far too many cops and military out there. I think I really need to lay low. It’ll just take us a little longer to get there. I’m going to keep low, and try to stay out of sight,” Titan answered.

Very well, that sounds like the best course of action.

“But…I mean, okay then. Let’s go!” said Titan, surprised.

TITAN 2: City Under SiegeTitan had expected Azure to disagree with him instantly. He was, however, relieved to have him agree with his decision. It felt like having one of his teachers at school validate a right answer in front of the whole class.

Titan tried to stay low and against the walls and ledges. When he took to the air he jumped in a direct line from one building to another. He was only taking enough air to land safely. The leaps were shorter but effective. The only bad part was he was unable to see where the helicopters had gotten.

All seemed to be going well. He was even making relatively good time as he had just crossed the halfway point to Vicki’s office. He landed on the roof of a high rise apartment building just as one of the two military helicopters rounded a corner directly ahead of him. Luckily, Titan had seen the helicopter with just enough time to land and then roll and tuck himself behind the stairwell entrance.

He could see the helicopter’s shadow, and felt the wind kick up as it swooped around, turning abruptly toward him. Titan instantly pulled himself against the wall and quickly moved to the far side and out of sight of the helicopter. It drew closer and hovered just overhead. Titan crouched down and moved to the far corner of the stairwell structure.

“Okay, so much for staying out of sight,” Titan said.

Do not be hasty. Try to remain still and have patience. If they spot you, or if another helicopter approaches, we will decide another course of action then.

“Don’t worry; I’m in no hurry to tangle with one of those things.”

Titan was able to watch the helicopter’s shadow as it swung to the left and began to do a search of the rooftop perimeter. He was finally able to put himself on the opposite side of the entryway them Titan made his move. He ran for the ledge and slid as he got closer to the edge. He then dropped down and was able to fall to a window ledge two storeys down. He shuffled his way into the building’s corner, out of sight from the helicopter. From there he waited and listened. He wasn’t even aware that he had been holding his breath most of the time until he gasped and had to take in a fresh breath of air. Finally he heard the helicopter’s engine rev higher and then saw it rise and fly back toward the harbour.

“Okay, that was too close for comfort. I think I might be taking the bus home,” Titan said.

That was quick thinking, Titan. It was very good work.

Titan couldn’t help but crack a smile at the compliment. He eased himself out of the corner and resumed his journey. TITAN 2: City Under SiegeHis level of caution remained high, yet he was able to make it the rest of the way without incident. He touched down onto the rooftop of the Courier offices and dropped himself down to Vicki’s window ledge much as he had just done while evading the helicopter. He peered inside and saw her busy going through information on her computer, the hand on her mouse scrolling and clicking away furiously. He tapped on the window gently. Vicki jumped slightly and swung her chair around to the window. She threw the window open and Titan entered. Vicki took a few steps back as he entered. Vicki then quickly ran over and locked the office door from inside and closed the blinds by the door that led into the currently empty hallway.

“I was starting to wonder when I would see you again,” Vicki said, turning back to face him. “I didn’t think it would be daytime though, especially considering all the added security around the city right now. Hopefully you had no trouble getting here.”

“Well, it’s been easier, but I made it. I just didn’t think this should wait. There is, after all, pretty good reason for this security. I want to put an end to all this right away. I saw no point in waiting,” Titan said, as he tried to keep an eye out the window for one of the hovering helicopters.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here. Looks as though I’ve missed some pretty big stories lately, care to fill me in?”

Titan spent the next several minutes telling Vicki about his battles with both Sonic and Hawk. He was sure not to leave out any detail regarding the military involvement either. He even told her about the brief faceoff he’d had with Chief Ross and his men during the battle with Hawk. Vicki was making quick notes on her computer at rapid pace as he told his story.

“I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to be there when those robots attacked the other night,” Titan said. Vicki then told him about the meeting she had with Det. Langara.

She continued, “This threat seems to be serious alright. I got word from a member of city hall who’s quite reliable that the military are not just here by coincidence. It seems that a former member of their ranks has gone rogue and set up a little army of his own, whom I can only assume is the one behind all of this. They have been tracking him for years. It just so happens that they tracked him to Delta City right when all these attacks started. So, you can relax, they’re definitely not here for you. At least they’re not here for you right now. They’ve come to clean up some of their own mess. My source says the mastermind behind all of this is a guy named Dr. Karl Melodian. I did a little research of my own and discovered he was a former military scientist and research developer. By all accounts the guy is a major genius. He’s probably one of the three smartest people on the planet. Unfortunately, he just happens to have lost his grip on sanity. He was discharged from the military about five years ago and has only resurfaced in the last three years. So far he’s posed no real threat, but, you just know that the military isn’t keeping tabs on him for no reason. I have no idea about the real background or identification for either Sonic or Hawk. They’re probably nothing more than low level flunkies that Melodian has brought in to his new organization.”

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