The Continuing Series

page3_img1Growing up I loved reading the action, adventures and stories of so many costumed superheroes. Through these stories there was much I learned about bravery, loyalty, perseverance, and friendship. These heroes represented the modern mythologies of our times.

It was not long before I was creating superheroes and stories of my own. I wanted to create entire cities and worlds that existed just within the boundaries of my own imagination. There were countless heroes and villains that I designed and created over that time. At last I decided to utilize those worlds and characters and combine them into one super universe.

titan-tI chose just one hero that I had made, TITAN, and made this universe revolve around him. I used all the best villains and story arcs to create the TITAN adventures. I outlined one massive story arc into eleven parts to create the entire series. There will be numerous other villains and new heroes that aid TITAN in saving his fictitious world of Delta City.

I also wanted to pay homage to the entire costumed superhero genre with the series. I want to explore and expand upon many of the traits that make up this genre. I want o the series to feel familiar and yet new all at once. I want to show what makes this genre great while at the same time add something new and great to it.


Hugh Beckstead