Hugh Beckstead, The Author

page5_img1Hugh Beckstead grew up in small towns and big cities across Eastern Ontario and Southern Alberta. He became an avid reader at a young age. It wasn’t long before he was creating stories of his own. With TITAN he has created a superhero world in the vein of the comic book heroes and worlds he grew up with. A fictional landscape densely populated with numerous colourful characters. TITAN: The Midnight Hour is his first book and also the first in a planned series of TITAN adventures. Hugh Currently lives in Kelowna British Columbia with his wife, Carly and their son Brayden.

TITAN: The Midnight Hour is his first book.

Creating the Series

It was while living in Vancouver that Hugh decided to take his love of creating stories and share it. He started to develop TITAN and all its characters and Vancouver was his inspiration for TITAN’s home of Delta City. It took several years of planning and hard work but the first volume in the TITAN saga is now out with more to come.


Hugh signing books at the Orchard Park Chapters in Kelowna. BC