TITAN: The Midnight Hour

book-1Teenager, Michael Novak discovers a magical ring that grants him superpowers and turns him into the superhero TITAN! Once he accepts his new role he is plunged into a world of action, danger, and villainy that is more than he could ever have imagined. Now only TITAN can save his home of Delta City from the clutches of mysterious criminal kingpin Mr. Midnight.




TITAN 2: City Under Siege

book-2Titan is back! Since defeating Mr. Midnight from taking Delta City, Titan has been busy battling new villains who threaten his city. This has left Michael with very little time for his personal life with his girlfriend, grandfather, friends, and high school. Suddenly, however, a new villain has arrived to threaten the security of Delta City that Titan has established, and this villain did not come alone. Dr. Melodian, the mad scientist, able to create anything mechanical, poses the biggest threat to the people of Delta City Titan has ever known.